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4 Reasons You Need A Maui Wedding Coordinator

A Maui wedding coordinator is needed not only for legal reasons, but to use their experience and connections to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. Take a look at 4 compelling reasons you need a Maui Wedding Coordinator.



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Beach wedding created by Maui wedding coordinator Simple Maui Wedding.

To Get a Beach Wedding Permit you are required To Have Insurance.

Here is the exact regulation from the State of Hawaii’s Website.

“Applicant shall procure at Applicant’s own expense, and maintain during the entire period of the right-of-entry permit, from an insurance company or companies licensed to do business in the State of Hawaii, a policy or policies of comprehensive public liability insurance in an amount of at least $300,000 per incident and $500,000 aggregate insuring the State of Hawaii against all claims for personal injury, death, and property damage; that said policy shall cover the entire right-of-entry area or premises, including all improvements and grounds and all roadways or sidewalks on or adjacent to the said right-of-entry area or premises in the control or use by Applicant. Applicant shall furnish the Department of Land and Natural Resources (the “Department”) with a certificate(s) showing the policy(s) to be initially in force and naming the State of Hawaii as additional insured and keep said certificate(s) on deposit during the entire period. The procuring of this policy shall not release or relieve Applicant of its responsibility under this right-of-entry permit as set forth herein or limit the amount of its liability under this right-of-entry.” (Reference: Section 3,


Friend or Family Member Vs. Wedding Coordinator?

For the most important things in your life do you usually hire a professional or ask a friend that has never done that thing before have a go of it?

You get a Maui wedding coordinator because they know what to do when things start to go wrong. A wedding is much like a live performance on stage. If the actors are good and a mistake is made or a problem happens, they just act right through and the audience never notices a thing, but a bad actor can just loose it on stage making a scene. This is the same reason you get a wedding coordinator they know what to do when things go wrong and adjust so the wedding goes off without a hitch and nobody notices, usually not even you.

Great Maui Wedding Coordinators knows how to problem solve. I understand that you have friends or family that are very competent and can help with your Maui wedding coordination, but if they have never done it before don’t chance it. I have seen family members and friends crack under the constant barrage of questions they really didn’t have answers to.

Leave the most important things in life to a professional, because the chances for success are nearly assured compared to completely untrained individuals.


Wedding Stress

You do not need to be stressing about all the pieces of the puzzle coming together on your wedding day as you are about to walk down the isle. Your wedding day is a day for wedding bliss not, wedding stress knowing if all of the pieces of your wedding are going to come together correctly.


Coordinators Have Reputable Vendor Relationships

Having a coordinator who knows reputable and reliable vendors on Maui like Simple Maui Wedding is imperative to your Weddings success.

You don’t know Lelani from Kimo on Maui and you live a minimum of 2600 miles away, you need someone on your side to coordinate your wedding vendors and ask the questions you don’t know to ask.


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